Hi all

Hi all,

This blog's intention is to compile my miniture painting. Time permitting, I will be adding into the GALLERY "old" and new stuff in no particular order. Pictures will be labelled by size . I will also try to show WIPS, and other hobby related stuff that comes to mind,

Please feel free to leave your messages or make any questions regarding my work.

I hope you will enjoy the show.

lunes, 13 de septiembre de 2010

Huron warrior (Tom Meier's FIW)

Hi all

One of the best (if not the best) modelled figures in 28mm I've had the pleasure to slap some paint on. It was really a challange to try to match the paint with such marvellous figure.
Hope you like it.

My coin painting is improving every day :)


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  1. Wonderful!

    Can you advise how you did the skin tones? I am painting Huron and Iroquois at the moment.


  2. Hi Mike

    Thanks for comment.

    The flesh receipt for this fellow (Vallejo Paints)

    Base: Orange brown (981) + Brown sand (876)+ Pinch of violet red(812)+Pinch of Burnt umber(941)

    1st: Base + Brown sand

    next highlights (as many as you wish/can or want ): 1st HL+ sunny skin tone (845)...+light flesh(928) careful with this last one...

    1st: Base + (English uniform 921 + scarle t817)
    Deeper shadows: 1st SH + Violet red (812).......+ burnt umber(941)

    I also applied very subtle filters of bright orange (851) in the hifghlighted areas, and violet red(812) in shadowy areas...

    Hope it helps


  3. Excellent work! Always a pleasure to see your completed figures.