Hi all

Hi all,

This blog's intention is to compile my miniture painting. Time permitting, I will be adding into the GALLERY "old" and new stuff in no particular order. Pictures will be labelled by size . I will also try to show WIPS, and other hobby related stuff that comes to mind,

Please feel free to leave your messages or make any questions regarding my work.

I hope you will enjoy the show.

lunes, 9 de abril de 2012

Oniria Miniature’s demo figure painted

Hi all

Here’s the painted version of Oniria Miniature’s demo figure.
The definition of the figure’s features  is extraordonary and realistic, which under my opinion makes it much easier to paint and ennhaces your painting regardeless your level or time invested in painting the figure. Honestly, I don’t think you can get much more than this in 28mm figures..  
We still don’t know if we will offer it as a stand alone figure or if it will go as  a gift with our first vignette. The vignette is shceduled to be relaesed by mid June.

Well guys I hope you like how this Irish grenadier (18th regiment)  turned out.

With the comparsion pictures you can have a better idea of the size of the figure (excatly a  Vallejo bottle’s label :) )


5 comentarios:

  1. Very nice, why not do both? have it for sale as a stand alone, but also free with your vignette.

  2. Hiya Angel ... greaqt job on a beautiful figure,
    look forward to doing one

    all the best
    John M. (SD)

  3. Immaculate artwork on a sublime figurine !

  4. Accomplished painting on a beautiful model. Congratulations.