Hi all

Hi all,

This blog's intention is to compile my miniture painting. Time permitting, I will be adding into the GALLERY "old" and new stuff in no particular order. Pictures will be labelled by size . I will also try to show WIPS, and other hobby related stuff that comes to mind,

Please feel free to leave your messages or make any questions regarding my work.

I hope you will enjoy the show.

sábado, 17 de marzo de 2012

ONIRIA MINIATURES (sample figure master)

Hi Guys!!

Here are some pictures of the casting of our sample figure.We managed to close a deal with a Spanish caster and figure maker  to cast our line of figures , and I have to say that the results are great. Crisp,clean,well difined details and practically no sign of moldlines...They have achieved an exact replica of the original model. Well deserved credits must go to Jose from Miniaturas Beneito.

Here are some pictures for your review. Hope you like the results (should someone want a comparasion picture -inked-feel free to email us at:


or just requestheregiving us you rmail.

Regarding the resealse of our first vignette, it will still take a few months . Maybe it will be ready for the end of May or mid June.
In the mean time enjoy this piece. Painted version will follow shortly..




4 comentarios:

  1. Excellent - i will be having one of those!

  2. fantastic figure. I willl likely buy at least one of everything you make!

  3. Hi Oniria, I don't collect this period, however this is such a nice figure, I will buy one just to support your venture, when will they be available? and how much do you think they will be?

  4. Thanks a lot for your comments and interest guys.
    Dan, this is a sample figure, tosee what qe could offer. We are still deciding if it will be sold separately os as a freebie with out first vignette release. We are triying to sort out the price issue. We need to have a good balance between quality, presenation of the sets and final price, so we are still working on it. Anyway should you want more precise details (and maybe you can give us your thoughts) feel free omail us at: