Hi all

Hi all,

This blog's intention is to compile my miniture painting. Time permitting, I will be adding into the GALLERY "old" and new stuff in no particular order. Pictures will be labelled by size . I will also try to show WIPS, and other hobby related stuff that comes to mind,

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I hope you will enjoy the show.

lunes, 4 de junio de 2012

The Spanish Ulcer

Hi all

This a commission I'm working on right now. It represents a group of French voltigueurs ambushed by Spanish guerrilleros. The scene will be  based in 5 x 5cms.
The  figures are a mix of Victrix and Perry parts. After a lot of tests and parts combinations I finally came out with this setting. I decided to mix Perry heads with Victrix Shakos, inspired by Ridley Scott’s The duelists, where the shakos look a bit oversized on the actors’ heads. I don’t really know if it’s 100% historically accurate,   but I think it gave the actors (and gives the figures) a more impressive look.
This is just the posing of the figures, now I have to file carefully all the mould lines, add putty in necks , joints between heads and shakos, patches and torn  shako covers, and  all other minor details to give  the figures a real worn battle look.  Well, a lot of work ahead.

I’ll try to update the progress as much as I can.

Thanks watching.


6 comentarios:

  1. Hi Oniria,

    Beautiful work indeed. What I love about your work is the way you protray human forms and your piece tells an exciting story. Not to mention top notch paint job. True form of art.

    Looking forward to completion.


  2. They look great already!

    Is the figure on the floor metal? Where's he from?

    1. Hi m8s.
      Thank for your kind words.

      Lord Hill:

      The metal figure in the floor is indeed metal (FN16 Line Infantry casualites).
      I have reworked the figure, removing the existing arms and placing new plastic ones, with also new hands. I have also bent very carefully one of his legs to adapt it to the new pose.

      Hope it helps.


  3. Really looking forward to the continuation!

  4. Yes, looking good so far, also looking forward to the finished dio

  5. Marvellous skills; mightily impressed with the way you have 'fused' the body parts together.
    Stunning !