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Hi all,

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viernes, 29 de junio de 2012

Oniria Miniatures first vignette (finished sculpts)

Hi all,

well, here it is. The finished sculpts of the first Oniria Miniatures vignette.

The scene represents the taking of the 69th King’s colours during the battle of Quatre Bras.

The figures are taller then the average 28mm figures, but comparing the heads for example, they are the same size as couple of manufacturers 28mm heads (I compared them with spare plastic ones) . That means that these figures have real body proportions.
Should someone want a comparison picture with another manufacturer’s figure please feel free to pm me or mail at  oniriaminiatures@hotmail.com  and I’ll send some pictures.

The basic vignette has been designed with the cuirassier struggling against the British officer for the flag, and the wounded drummer boy watching the scene, but we have added optional hands with swords for the cuirassier and the British officer in order to give more flexibility and several settings and display possibilities. This will allow making a vignette with these figures but avoiding the, for some people, intimidating flag’s freehand and painting. (But, I do encourage you to give it a try ;)

I think the cuirassier charging with the sword is a stunning stand alone figure by itself. His head has been modelled separately in order to allow it to be placed in several angles and positions. You could also add the wounded drummer boy and it would also make a real cool vignette.

Another option could be to cut the flags pole, drill an according hole and place a new brass pole. This would permit to have the cuirassier with the flag. Then it can be used as a stand alone figure or with the drummer boy or even with the British officer with the sword in his hand. So as I said, there are plenty of options you can create.

Besides the mentioned spare hands with swords, there is the cuirassier’s sword, that can he put hanging from his wrist if he has the flag, the British officer sword’s scabbard (these two are not in the pictures), the drum and the drummer’s belgic shako.

These will go to the caster next week, so I hope I can show the first castings in a couple of weeks, or maybe sooner.

We will have them ready in late July so, being in the middle of the summer holidays, the official release will most probable be in the beginning of September. We are sorting out the idea of maybe accepting orders by email if someone has THE NEED to have it before the official release. I’ll let you know once we make a decision after the figures are casted.

As for the price of the set , it will be announced in the Official release, but if someone is interested I think we will be able to have it fixed in a couple of weeks.(Yes it will be approximately the one you have in mind.;))

We do hope enough of you guys like the figures and are interested in this project. This will allow us to release more stuff shortly. Thanks for your time and for watching. All comments are really appreciated.

Should you have any other questions you want to make personally feel free drop us a line (or two, or three) at:



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  1. Hi Oniria,

    Let me be the first one to congratulate you! Job well done! The challenge is going to be painting the flag! Magnificent piece my friend.

    Best wishes from Texas USA,


  2. beautiful sculpts! I sincerely hope you keep producing similar products!
    Looking forward to a painted version (by you) and the official release !

  3. Very nice, great to have options.

  4. they are beauties. I will be having some of those!

  5. Ah could you not have done Ensign Ewart instead

    Great work mate.

  6. Lovely! I will definitely be interested in picking up one of those vignettes.

  7. Absolutely fabulous work. Exquisite... !!!

  8. when is it available Angel ?

    John M.

    1. We will release itby Early September. Willkkep you guys updated.
      Thanks for your interest and comments.

  9. Hi Frank.
    Thanks a lot for your interest.
    We're almost there. We will receive castings by next week. Then I have to get some time to paint the box art for the packing, so I think maybe in 3 or 4 weeks we can get it started.


  10. wonderful, a big success with these....

  11. absolutely marvellous! can't wait to get a set! Thanks very much for doing a couple of British!

  12. Bonjour de la France,
    Vos réalisations et peintures sont vraiment exceptionnelles.
    Artmabigor blog