Hi all

Hi all,

This blog's intention is to compile my miniture painting. Time permitting, I will be adding into the GALLERY "old" and new stuff in no particular order. Pictures will be labelled by size . I will also try to show WIPS, and other hobby related stuff that comes to mind,

Please feel free to leave your messages or make any questions regarding my work.

I hope you will enjoy the show.

lunes, 6 de diciembre de 2010

GRINGO'S 40 painted preview sample

Hi all
This is a preview figure kindly sent from Gringo's 40.( Ged, hope you like it in hand)
It's a Mexican 11th infantry regiment private.
Figure modelling is fantastic and very realistic. It's aprocimately 42mm foot to eye. It was a pleasure to paint it.
I Can't wait to see what this range released.

Hope you guys like it.

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  1. Hi. Im very impresive with the figure. I'm writing about this regiment for my thesis degree and the images are very closely with the "Ordenanzas de uniforme" (uniforms ordinance)of 1841-1842. Thise one was the only mexican regiment with a white coat in the war with USA.

    11th Regiment of Line Infantry
    -Leading the mexican charge at Battle of La Angostura (Buenavista)
    -With a detachment in the Siege of H. Veracruz
    -Heroic defense of battery reserve in Battle of Cerro Gordo
    -Defense of Tête du Pont in Churubusco
    -Defence of Casa Mata in Molino del Rey
    -Last Stand in Mexico City